[JDEV] Update and Jabber<->AIM transport info

Jeremie Miller jeremie at netins.net
Sun Jan 10 14:07:49 CST 1999

Well, I got ambitious last night, and decided to write up a
proof-of-concept transport to AIM/AOL, and I'm happy to say I have it
working and it was mostly painless!  It's really great to sit in front of
a Jabber client and send a message to an AIM user, and have it all "just
work" transparently :)

BUT, this is just a proof of concept, I didn't write it to be the general
purpose AIM transport that it will need to become, that will require
someone who is more familiar with AIM at the protocol level.  It's written
using the laim library from:

I haven't checked anything in yet, since it is written in C++ and that
required me to change the pair type to a jpair type(pair conflicted with
something in the C++ libs), which was used everywhere and hence is a huge
change and I want to make sure it's all ok.  I also had to adapt the
io/select loop so that it could watch the AIM socket and not read/write to

I'll try to get it all cleaned up and checked in before tonights snapshot,
it's not much, but it works :)  If anyone wants to jump in and work on
this feel free, I'm not sure I'll have much time to work on it anytime
this week.

If anyone has any concerns/questions feel free to ask away!


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