[JDEV] "sessions" clarification please

jswink at softcom.net jswink at softcom.net
Sun Jan 10 19:57:34 CST 1999

Jeremie Miller wrote:
> > I think it does!  Let me see if I understand.  As a client writer, I only
> > have to handle establishing one session for the user (maybe they will run
> > other clients or more copies of the client to establish other
> > connections).  But for people in the roster, I should show their multiple
> > sessions (if they have them) grouped together, and allow the user to send
> > a message to the user (automatically choosing highest priority session),
> > or to a specific session of the user (by specifying a particular
> > nickname).
> >
> > is that it?
> Absolutely!  (btw, unless I wasn't clear, the server will pick the highest
> session if a specific one wasn't addressed, the client doesn't need to do
> this part)

>From the sound of this, it would be a bad idea for a client to state a
session's priority unless there's a specific reason to do so.

If you specify a priority, leave that client running, and travel
to another location, you might miss messages that would still be
going to the original client.

I've noticed that some people don't like ICQ or other buddy systems
particularly well.  Would anyone like to comment on specifics?

Joshua Swink
jswink at softcom.net

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