[JDEV] Update and Jabber<->AIM transport info

Jeremie Miller jeremie at netins.net
Sun Jan 10 21:15:36 CST 1999

> libfaim is soon going to be split apart seperately from gtkfaim.  After
> the split is complete, I would be happy to start making what you have
> working, work with libfaim.  Unless you really like the current status of
> it.  libfaim is in regular c and is highly portable, and it tends to run
> really fast.  I could also write the transport using libfaim, just to see
> what kind of speed it is able to achieve compared to the curent status of
> the transport.

What I just did was just a prototype. If you're familiar with libfaim,
please, yes, feel free to write up a real AIM transport using it :)

I wont check in any of the code I wrote specifically for the AIM transport
then, since it sounds like you can write something up that will really
work and mine was only for testing purposes, and the test passed. But I
think I AM going to go ahead and check in the patches to rename pair to
jpair in case anyone wants to use the libs in C++. 

> If CVS is decdided to be setup,

It's already setup, I've been doing most of the development thusfar using
it.  I can't say I'm all that great with it yet since it's the first time
I've ever used it.

> would there be branches for all the
> different clients?  I've started work on a gnome client, but I don't want
> to step on peoples toes if work has already been done on it.

I'd be happy to set up new repositories for every client if needed.  I
have to figure out how to handle the permissions part first though :)


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