[JDEV] How to handle multiple clients

Jeff McBride trep at ctsi.net
Mon Jan 11 21:52:15 CST 1999

On Sun, 10 Jan 1999, Jeremie Miller wrote:

> > read. Obviously there are details in this scheme that need to be worked
> > out, but I don't see a problem with it? Am I missing something obvious(or 
> > not so obvious)? 
> There's a few ways around this w/o creating some sort of fetching/waiting
> setup.  As it is, the majority of the messages being passwd around are
> going to be only a few hundred characters, just lines of chat.  
> It would be pretty easy to just let the server copy an incoming message to
> each of the users session if each of those sessions had an equal or
> nonexistant priority.  It's also easy to allow a user to set "Away"
> status(or have a client automatically set it after idle time) so that it
> doesn't recieve messages.
> I guess I just see this as something that the clients can have control
> over, and if it does become a problem when it starts getting heavy use,
> it's not too difficult to correct.
>  > 
> > One more thing, I know there is talk about some kind of SMTP interface.
> > What exactly is the idea behind this? What should it acclomplish? The
> > ability to send an email to an address and have it delivered to the
> > person's jabber client? If someone could please explain this it would be
> > great. I may even try to get something working. 
> First, it would be great for the server to be able to send messages on via
> SMTP if there was no other way of direct delivery, so that you could enter
> any Jabber or email address(since they are identically formatted
> user at host) and it could be delivered normally either way.
> Of course, if you can send an email via Jabber, you have to be able to
> recieve it.  Here is a quick rundown on how I would see it all working:
>  - User enters friend at host.com
>  - Jabber transport can't deliver it since the friend isn't a Jabber user
>  - Jabber transport optionally automatically reformats the address to the
>    sendmail forwarding style: friend%host.com at EMAIL
>  - The SMTP/EMAIL transport receives it and sends it via email
>  - The return address is user at jabberserver.com
>  - The SMTP transport can either listen directly for incoming email at
>    jabberserver.com, or accept email forwarded from sendmail on that host
>  - Incoming email is delivered to the Jabber transport on that host with a
>    from address formatted like earlier: emailuser%emailserver.com at EMAIL
> Hows that sound?  Please feel free to step up and start playing/coding
> this SMTP transport :)
> Jer

But when they reply to that address, what if it is actually an e-mail
address that exists on that server? It wouldn't work unless the
jabberserver.com doesn't also act as a real smtp server. For example:

- I try to send a jabber message to non-existent at address.com
- the jabber transport can't send it to that of course, and offers to send
  it as a real e-mail
- It really IS an e-mail address so somebody gets it, and replys to
  trep at ctsi.net(both my jabber and my e-mail address). 
- Not the message is in my inbox, waiting for me to download it.
Do you think that jabber should actually act as a mail client and connect
to the POP server and download it? I don't think this is a very good idea. 

An e-mail gateway would be cool, allowing people to send jabber users
messages through an e-mail address, but the only addressing scheme I can
think of is something along the lines of
user%jabberhost.com at jabbermailgateway.com. 

Also, something so that messages not read after a certain amount of time
will be forwarded to the users real e-mail. Like Tim MacKenzie suggested. 


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