[JDEV] How to handle multiple clients

Jeremie Miller jeremie at netins.net
Mon Jan 11 22:38:35 CST 1999

> But when they reply to that address, what if it is actually an e-mail
> address that exists on that server? It wouldn't work unless the
> jabberserver.com doesn't also act as a real smtp server. For example:

Yes, it would be a problem if the server did both email and jabber and the
addresses clashed.  I'd expect it to be set up so that the SMTP transport
has it's own address to work with, so that sendmail could be set up to
forward all incoming messages to it or it could listen and accept incoming
mail directly.  Say, maybe:

 - Jabber user fred at flinstone.com has both email and jabber set up
 - fred sends a jabber message to barney at rubble.com who doesn't use jabber
   so the SMTP transport (optionally) delivers it via email to barney
 - The SMTP transport reformats the address with it's virtual hosted email
   domain: fred at jsmtp.flinstone.com
 - fred replies, the SMTP transport recieves it, and sends to the real
   fred at flinstone.com

There's ways around every problem in the back-end :)

> Do you think that jabber should actually act as a mail client and connect
> to the POP server and download it? I don't think this is a very good idea. 

No, not at all... we don't really want to replace email in any way...

> Also, something so that messages not read after a certain amount of time
> will be forwarded to the users real e-mail. Like Tim MacKenzie suggested. 

That could be a simple module in the Jabber transport, would work in VERY
well with what I mentioned last night!


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