[JDEV] How to handle multiple clients

Jeff McBride trep at ctsi.net
Mon Jan 11 23:14:38 CST 1999

> Yes, it would be a problem if the server did both email and jabber and the
> addresses clashed.  I'd expect it to be set up so that the SMTP transport
> has it's own address to work with, so that sendmail could be set up to
> forward all incoming messages to it or it could listen and accept incoming
> mail directly.  Say, maybe:
>  - Jabber user fred at flinstone.com has both email and jabber set up
>  - fred sends a jabber message to barney at rubble.com who doesn't use jabber
>    so the SMTP transport (optionally) delivers it via email to barney
>  - The SMTP transport reformats the address with it's virtual hosted email
>    domain: fred at jsmtp.flinstone.com
>  - fred replies, the SMTP transport recieves it, and sends to the real
>    fred at flinstone.com

Ok, so when jabber sends the e-mail the return address is actually to a
special virtual host and any mail sent to a user on jsmtp.flinstone.com is
actually send to that user at flinstone.com through jabber transport. That
makes sense. That could also be a way to create a e-mail to jabber
gateway, anything sent to user at jsmtp.jabberserver.com is actually sent
through the jabber transport. Sounds good.


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