[JDEV] anonymous users

Dylan Adams dadams at jhu.edu
Tue Jan 12 02:40:44 CST 1999

>From Client Guidelines:
> - socket connection to server on port 5222
>          - send message
>          - recieve message
>         The client does nothing other than connect and send a message. 
>The server will create an
>         anonymous user (anonymous at server.com) with the nickname of the IP 
>address the client is
>         running on. If someone recieves the message, a reply specifically 
>to the same id and nickname will
>         be delivered back to the client. 
>         If the client first sends a login packet that only contains the 
>nickname tags than that nickname will
>         be used instead, but it will still be an anonymous connection. 
Am I the only one who thinks anonymous users aren't a good idea?

Anonymous users make it too easy to do evil things. Flooding, spamming, 
bombing. Just about every bad 'ing in the book.

Dylan Adams

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