[JDEV] anonymous users

Aron Atkins atkins at chrysalis.com
Tue Jan 12 08:25:13 CST 1999

> Am I the only one who thinks anonymous users aren't a good idea?
> Anonymous users make it too easy to do evil things. Flooding, spamming, 
> bombing. Just about every bad 'ing in the book.

.. anonymous users also protect privacy.

spamming becomes a problem when there is a broadcast portion
to the protocol. i would recommend against including such a

we could also code the clients to allow users to have "deny-lists"
that disallow certain names from sending messages to that 
particular client.

has anyone thought about implementing jabber on top of IRC?
it has quite a few features that are desirable and would 
limit the amount of reimplementation. perhaps we'd have to
eliminate the need for a single server with a single user
space... there i go again... thinking aloud.

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