[JDEV] How to handle multiple clients

Jeremie Miller jeremie at netins.net
Tue Jan 12 13:45:56 CST 1999

> this might sound a bit simplistic, but why not just have a user set-able
> field that configures the REPLY-TO field in the mail header?

Hmm... quite often I keep thinking to myself about different things it
would be nice to add to Jabber, but I always end up almost completly
duplicating SMTP/email :)  I've always tried to watch out for making
Jabber do anything that isn't directly related to "instant messaging"...

>  . client sends jabber message to john at doe.org.. the message is
>    first sent to whatever machine handles jabber queries (jabber.doe.org).
>    if that user is not currently running jabber, a deny reply is sent
>    back to the client.

Well, firstly, the Jabber server at doe.org _should_ be storing those
incoming messages so that when john comes online with Jabber, he gets them
presented to him, similiar to how ICQ works when someone isn't online(send
through server).

> [msg compressed]

Here's my current stance on Jabber+SMTP:

Since Jabber and email can easily step on each others toes, make sure to
avoid any crossover when it's not clear and benificial to both.  Right now
I see two ways of doing this:  one is to have a module in the Jabber
transport, so that a user can have messages sent to their email address
when they are offline, and two is to allow for convience purposes only a
*simple* way of having a Jabber message be forwarded to a non-Jabber user
that does use email, and for them to reply.  Even the second one is
questionable and may be too much.

>  . make jabber an excellent messaging client.

Exactly!  100% agreed.

> let the mail clients to the mail.

Probably also the best... BUT, I think it would be cool/good if the mail
clients added direct support for Jabber :)


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