Dave Smith dave at hawthorne.net
Wed Jan 13 09:07:59 CST 1999

On 13 Jan, Sedat Kapanoglu wrote:
> I meant if we can make things faster even a bit without giving out the
> flexibility away why won't we? :)

Um...by using a binary structure, we *are* giving away the flexibility.
It is *much* more flexible to have a standard text protocol that can
easily be coded on any platform {see also -- diversity of standard web

Yes, XML is "wordy". In fact, the XML spec makes it very clear that
it's wordy -- it's meant to be. You're basically trading space for
something that's mucho easier to debug and port. 

As for the lack of Delphi libs...well, the beauty of Delphi is its
extensiblity. I've been working with it for 3 years now and it wouldn't
be that difficult to write a XML parser for Delphi... :)


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