[JDEV] mac client/C xml parsing

Dylan Adams dadams at jhu.edu
Wed Jan 13 19:10:12 CST 1999

>does anybody know...is/are there a/any C++ library for parsing XML?  i
>confess i havn't done any looking... but if anyone knows of a good one,
>please point me that way. :)
I'm also doing a mac client. I've compiled expat under codewarrior (4.0) 
and I can put the project files on my web page if you'd like. Expat's 
very nice. I also mucked with Clark's example.c so it prints out all the 
info you'd need to do a client.

I know a fair amount about programming macs and have been doing so for a 
few years. I've got the structure for my client all laid out, just need 
to start coding.

Dylan Adams

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