Jeremie Miller jeremie at netins.net
Thu Jan 14 01:21:38 CST 1999

> > As I know in ICQ v2 protocol an online alert (packet sent from server to
> > client) is a UDP packet only 10 bytes long (with the advantage of using UINs
> > of course). In Jabber I can hardly guess but probably would be much longer
> > than that. Think you have a list of four thousand people in your roster then
> > measure it :)
> >
> For example, how many people will have 4000 people? And if they do, they deserve
> what they get ;-)
> Aside from the bytes being transmitted, you need to look at the entire
> transaction in context.

[Note: I'm just catching up on some email, had the flu :( ]

Also, even if you have 4000 people in your list, ONLY those that are
ONLINE will recieve status updates(under server defaults anyway)
significantly reducing the outgoing data... Jabber tries to be as
efficient as it can wherever possible.


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