Jeff McBride trep at ctsi.net
Thu Jan 14 09:00:24 CST 1999

Ok, something has kind of occurred to me that I just took for granted at

I don't understand at all how you plan on being able to communicate back
and forth with ICQ and AIM people. Unless, you are saying that in order to
do that, jabber users must also have ICQ and AIM IDs....that would allow
them to send it pretty easy. But, I still don't see how the ICQ user could
reply. A client could connect directly to the ICQ users client and send
the message(or que it on the ICQ server if they aren't online) by
basically saying it is an ICQ user and giving it's UIN(which it should
have), and even better, it could tell the jabber server that the message
is for an ICQ user and the transport takes care of getting it there. then
in order to get the replys, it would have to connect to the ICQ server
still, which basically makes the Jabber client a two-in-one client, which
I don't think is the intention. What am I missing here?


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