[JDEV] IRC transport?

Mike Dorman dorm at iastate.edu
Thu Jan 14 11:58:38 CST 1999

>Seriously though, I think there is some merit in this... if nothing else,
>a simple transport that lets you as a Jabber user put IRC buddies on your
>contact list and see when they come online, and send/recieve private msg's
>with them, would really make lots of people happy... it doesn't sound like
>it's all that difficult, and if I knew anything about the IRC protocol or
>of a good client lib available, I'd do it :)

i also think this would be a great idea.   i use irc a lot of the time
(most of the time it's just waiting for others to come online) os something
like this would be great.

i know some about the IRC protocol... but just taking a look at the RFC for
it would be enough for anybody to get a good idea how it works.

maybe there could be a way to also send messages to IRC channels, too, and
not just private messages to users...??


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