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Thu Jan 14 12:57:10 CST 1999

qbradley at csc.UVic.CA wrote:
> On Thu, 14 Jan 1999, jswink at softcom.net wrote:
> > I don't see the problem, unless you object to ICQ users seeing your
> > nick appear under two UINs.  The jabber ICQ transport will have a
> > nick associated with its UIN, which would be the same as your nick.
> Ok, I see your point.  You want Jabber users who don't have ICQ numbers to
> be able to talk to ICQ users without getting an ICQ number first, right?

You took the words out of my mouth.  I was just about to post "I
seem to have fallen in love with such-and-such a concept, but
on further reflection..." grin

> Unfortunately what is good for some people is bad for me, because I will
> accidently create a bunch of ICQ numbers I don't know about, and miss
> messages, and spend my life getting numbers re-authorized or whatever.
> Fortunately, I think everyone can be happy!  Here is an idea for server
> writers to think about.
> We have these moduler transparts, including an ICQ transport.  When an
> account is added to a Jabber server, it would be really really nice if a
> list of transports could be specified for that user.  That way I could run
> a server, and the default ICQ transport creates an ICQ number if it
> doesn't already have one and you send something to ICQ.

  Welcome to jabber.server.org!
  Available transports: Jabber AIM ICQ SMTP IRC...
    Do you wish to use the ICQ transport? y
    Do you have an ICQ account? n
    Would you like the ICQ transport to establish one for you now? y
    Do you want the ICQ transport to generate a password? n
    Please enter a new password for this account:
    Reenter password:
     * contacting ICQ transport
     * ICQ transport replies: You are 'userdude' with a UIN of '8321110'

    Do you wish to use the SMTP transport?

> But there is also
> another ICQ server, which my jabber account is configured to use, which
> will never, ever, create an ICQ number.

Do you mean 'another ICQ transport'?

> Maybe it is the same ICQ Transport but it has some kind of config
> information for each user?  But I think it would also be interesting or
> nice if I could tell the server to never route me to or from some
> transports.  This would be useful in a lot of cases.  If I wanted to use
> an ICQ transport that was so divergent from another one that it couldn't
> be just configuration options, but the other one was what everyone else
> wanted to use, and we wanted to use the same server, it would be no
> problem.  Another scenario would be if I had some prejudice against
> another IM system, and didn't want my messages going across it, even by
> accident (perhaps because of percieved security issues or whatever).

I'm not understanding this other transport.  Does it have a single
UIN for its own purposes, to query the ICQ server about ICQ accounts?
Perhaps to send anonymous messages?

> Agh, this is getting too long.  Sorry for ranting.

There isn't enough ranting on this list yet. :)

Joshua Swink
jswink at softcom.net

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