[JDEV] cabbar screenshots

Kemal 'Disq' Hadimli disq at iname.com
Thu Jan 14 21:26:01 CST 1999

On Thu, 14 Jan 1999, Robert Wilson wrote:
> > cabbar is a GTK+/GNOME based Jabber-Client-Wannabe. :)
> > screenshots at http://disq.bir.net.tr/cabbar
> >
> > (it's _NOT_ functional yet, it has 0 lines of socket code, 0 lines of
> >XML code, 0 lines of save-settings-and-user-list code, and 0xFFFFFF lines
> >of gui code :P )
> Are you going to post the code that you do have? I would like to take a look
> at it...
Jeremie's going to open a CVS for cabbar ASAP. And maybe i'll put dialy
snapshots to disq.bir.net.tr

now, i'm uploading a snapshot to http://disq.bir.net.tr/cabbar.
most of the code will change, so if you have a idea/patch, submit it
immediately. :)


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