[JDEV] Java clients

Jon A. Cruz joncruz at geocities.com
Thu Jan 14 21:26:18 CST 1999

Put me on the list as another Java person.
Also, very pro-swing.

Probably by the end of the weekend I'll have my 'got java?' area working,
and it'll encourage people to get Swing in their browsers :-) !

Jon A. Cruz

For 'got java?'

"Stern, just Stern" wrote:

> I've written a nice little IRC client in Java 1.1. Swing would make it
> better, but I stuck to the core 1.1 AWT so that it could be
> implemented as an applet in most browsers.
> Who is working on Java clients for Jabber? I would be interested to
> see the code, and might be able to contribute.
> -stern

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