[JDEV] Client nicks

Jeremie Miller jeremie at netins.net
Fri Jan 15 01:59:46 CST 1999

> Lemme have another go at it.

Yes, ok, makes sense now...

> Jabber user A has a Jabber ID and also uses ICQ.
> Jabber user B had Jabber user A in his buddy list.
> When user A logs into ICQ, user B wants his Jabber client to know this.

Here is the source of the misunderstanding... The point of a transport is
to allow Jabber users to talk transparently with ICQ users.  If it so
happens that one of those ICQ users also uses Jabber, there is nothing in
any way being done to associate that.  In other words, the event of a
Jabber user logging into ICQ with an ICQ client is NOT considered one of
their "jabber sessions".  Jabber sessions(as would be grouped under their
ID in a roster) are ONLY Jabber clients, not transports.  You might have
the ID of an ICQ user in your roster, but there will be no "sessions"
underneath that ID nor is it associated with any Jabber account, it's just
a way to talk to that ICQ user.

If this is still confusing, as it might be since I can't seem to spit it
out properly, let me know and I'll try again...  This should really be
noted on the site somewhere too... as should many things(if anywone could
spare some time, fedex it my way :)


> User A -- ICQ client -- ICQ server -- Jabber ICQ transport -- 
>   Jabber server -- Jabber Jabber transport -- Jabber client -- User B
> As I understand the current setup, all you have to do is write
> a proper ICQ transport to get this to work, BUT, user B's
> contact list will have 1234567 at ICQ on their list _without_
> any well-defined way of associating this with user A.
> [User B's contact list]
>   - User A      "Joe"           {offline}
>   - User C      "Mike"          {online}
>   [37 other entries for Mr. popular B]
>   - 1234567 at ICQ "DeathKnight"   {online}
> User B: "Hmm, DeathKnight was Joe, right?"
> It seems a pity to resort to using <ext> tags to try to
> store this info on the server, or force a client to store the
> entire roster, to make something so basic work.
> On the other hand, if Joe is allowed to associate a transport
> with every nick, user B only has to select user A in their
> list, bang out a message, and it'll head off to the ICQ
> transport automatically (being the only one online, it has
> the highest priority).
> Joshua Swink
> jswink at softcom.net

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