[JDEV] Status Notifications.

Aron Atkins atkins at chrysalis.com
Fri Jan 15 07:40:30 CST 1999

> I have a quick question. How are all of the jabber users that might have
> me in their roster be notified when I come online?

there is a third to those you mentioned.

i think the easiest method is to have each user occasionally
poll the server, asking if a given list of users is logged 
in. this way, the client will be aware of both log-ins and
log-outs. also, it does not put any additional requirements
on the server except to know who is logged in (which will 
already be necessary).

this way, there is nothing that the newly-logged-in user has
to do for the people who have that person in their roster to
be notified when that newly-logged-in user comes online.

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