[JDEV] whatif (a new C directive)

Aron Atkins atkins at chrysalis.com
Fri Jan 15 07:44:43 CST 1999

> What if I have 2 ICQ accounts and 7 AIM accounts? The transports should be
> smart enough to handle all of them, and the clients too. Just a thought. :)

well, a client should have a separate session for each account. the client 
should give the user a method of specifying which session a message should be 
sent through. the user should know which session incoming messages come from.

whether we implement this with a new window for each session (a'la netscape's 
new windows) or by pushing all information to the same client windows, it 
shouldn't really matter.

none of this has any impact on how a transport would work. the real problem is 
making clients handle multiple transports.

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