[JDEV] cabbar screenshots

Kemal 'Disq' Hadimli disq at iname.com
Fri Jan 15 16:51:35 CST 1999

On Fri, 15 Jan 1999, Jeremie Miller wrote:
> >  (it's _NOT_ functional yet, it has 0 lines of socket code, 0 lines of
> > XML code, 0 lines of save-settings-and-user-list code, and 0xFFFFFF lines
> > of gui code :P )
> This is GREAT!  I wish I had more time, since the "client library" that
> I've designed and not yet written [and will be included in the distro]
> will make the rest of your life easier since your client will live on a
> *nix system.  Hopefully I can get to it soon, it should be able to take
> care of all of the socket and parsing for your client, after it's written
> of course :)
that would be GREAT!  

tonight i'll remove all the ICQ/AIM/IRC stuff in gui, and remove the
treeitems for them. every user in a roster will be listed with their id as
an expandible item and the user's servers/availTransports as children.

   +------ JohnDoe
   |         |----Home - jabber.isp.com
   |         `----Work - jabber.firm.com
   +------ Buddy
   |          `----Buddie at AIM
   +------ GordonGano
   |          `----1234567 at ICQ
   `------ BrianRitchie
              |----Home - jabber.anotherisp.com
              `----987654321 at ICQ

and no hardcoded transport dependant things.

tonight i'll also write (or at least design) the transport-configuration,
allowing the user to configure the transports he wants to use.


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