Aaron Brady (INSOMNIAK) rewt at clubi.ie
Fri Jan 15 15:40:33 CST 1999

|Well I've been reading what you all are saying and it all makes sense, but
|there are a few things to consider.  To help relieve the system creaing
|tons of UIN's for people you couldjust have it search for older UINS with
|the ICQ search mechanisims.  Also, if I was an ICQ administrator I would
|get rather annoyed with a system that created semi random and anonymous
|UIN's for users.  ANyway, just some thoughts.

As I read the protocol, ICQ only allows *one* ICQ connection per nick,
because it uses a reserved port for incoming/outgoing information, and it
doesn't mention UINs in the packets, so you would have no way to
differentiate. (this of course may be wrong). Implementing ICQ as a two way
seemless thing seems unlikely.

BTW I like the idea of URLising things, to atleast allow the user to pick
the transport. And I also think that transports of other J servers should be
accessable for example, lets pretend the IRC transport exists.

Rather than have a whole bunch of J servers connected to IRC idling and
stuff, there could be ONE per network (ircnet.jabber.org). Then if I want to
send a message to myself I send it to irc:insomnike at ircnet.jabber.org ? This
is inkeeping with people being identified by transport and their server ..

INSOMNIKE is a jabber user on jabber.warzone.karma.tj
PHiRE sends a message to jabber:insomnike at jabber.wz.k.tj - basically asking
the transport to relay it to jabber.wz.k.tj for further processing.
INSOMNIKE also has a jabber mailbox on jabber.wz.k.tj
PHiRE's client sees the priority for the mailbox is the highest, and sends
to jabbermbox:insomnike at jabber.wz.k.tj
INSOMNIKE has an SMS Phone (or pager whatever) nick .. but it's on
sms.testnet.insomnike.cx .. (sms.tn.i.cx)
PHiRE sends the message to sms:insomnike at sms.tn.i.cx (or perhaps ..
555-1212 at sms.tn.i.cx ..) where it's relayed to INSOM's phone.
so ideally I should be able to add nicknames to my username .. on OTHER

insomnike - (root username)
  |- PII (my home machine - priority medium -
jabber:PII^insomnike at jabber.wz.k.tj )
  |- mail (my smtp mail box - priority lower - smtp:rewt at clubi.ie )
  |- mailbox (my jabber message storage - priority low -
jabbermbox:insomnike at jabber.wz.k.tj )
  |- phone (my GSM phone - priority lowest - sms:insomnike at sms.tn.i.cx )
  |- laptop (my laptop - priority high - defauly -
jabber:laptop^insomnike at jabber.wz.k.tj or
  |  just jabber:insomnike at ja.. because it's default)
  |- irc (irc - irc:insomnike at undernet.tn.i.cx)

so to recap -

addresses after @ are servers to handle the service .. and not neccesarily
my home server ..

nicknames to be preceded by (nickname)^ in order to seperate them from the
default (if for some reason I wanted to send my message to a lower priority
jabber connection .. like I *knew* INSOM was at his PII not his laptop,
despite the default nick)

URLs actually *should* have a form like -
jabbermbox://jabber.wz.k.tj/insomnike .. but thats a bit .. ugh ..

what I'm basically saying IS -

anything:anything at anyserver .. should be forwarded to anyserver for
processing, and NOT dealt with at the local transport layer .. this means
that if you want to use an ICQ transport e.g. and there's one on icq.wz.k.tj
.. you could go icq:2019291 at icq.wz.k.tj .. and this means I can use
transports that my local J server doesn't support.

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