[JDEV] Status Notifications.

Sedat Kapanoglu ssg at aggressor.net
Tue Jan 19 04:43:36 CST 1999

>Ideally, users should be informed immediately when a buddy's status
>Having the client or the server periodically poll another seems crude and
>inefficient. Rosters should be stored on the server. As well as the access

Use the "watch" idea which is popular on most IRC servers. As most of you
know notify lists are handled thru "ISON user" requests done periodically.
This method is fine but it's sensitivity depends on the period you're
checking the server. So more frequent you check the server, more you eat the

Watches are registered once you connected to the IRC server and IRC client
remembers your watches as long as you remain connected. Since IRC server
knows who to notify, you are notified as soon as possible and almost minimum
bandwidth required for that operation.

And as I know ICQ works the same way...

(note that rosters has to be stored on client)



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