[JDEV] Status Notifications.

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Wed Jan 20 01:46:07 CST 1999

> On a related note...
> I haven't really looked at the inter-server stuff... but the impression
> I get is that there is no spanning tree connecting various servers and
> that a message from a at jabber.a.com to b at jabber.b.com involves a direct
> connection from the server at a.com to b.com. Is this correct? 

If it hasn't already been answered, yes, there are direct connections from
one server to another.  I've thought about a tree-like setup some, but
haven't convinced myself that it's really needed yet, and if I do it
shouldn't be all that difficult to add on...

There are a few cases I do want to do some simple Tree like stuff, but
only for limited things like say a Jabber server living behind a firewall
that blocks ALL incoming connections, so that internal Jabber server would
connect to an external Jabber server and register itself as a "transport"
to the JabberBox on the external server... then that external server would
route all messages to the internal one and nothing's been violated on the
firewall.  This can already be done with the current architecture, it's
just disabled in the current distro for security reasons :)


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