[JDEV] Status Notifications.

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Wed Jan 20 01:54:07 CST 1999

> Why not have the server store your roster list in your account (thus
> allowing user/computer roaming), and when the user opens the client and
> connects to their particular server, have the roster list downloaded from
> the server to the client.  The server could then check to see who on that
> roster is online at the time the connection is made and download that info
> to the client (Either with the roster, or right after downloading it).
> After that the server does no more checking.
> ...[much content compressed]

All that you've said is exactly how it currently works, except for the
fact that all the client has to do is send it's new status to the server
and the SERVER forwards that status on to all of the users listed in the
roster.  It's far better this way so that the "intelligence" is actually
handled by the modules living on the server, and some people might want to
handle status's differently so they can just write/change the server
module and customize it w/o ever changing anything in the clients...

I really don't think anything about Jabber is going to be eating
disk/cpu/bandwidth any time soon for any server, but I'm looking forward
to the days when it does become that popular :)


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