[JDEV] Status Notifications.

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Wed Jan 20 02:00:14 CST 1999

> Ideally, users should be informed immediately when a buddy's status changes.
> Having the client or the server periodically poll another seems crude and
> inefficient. Rosters should be stored on the server. As well as the access control
> lists (perhaps we could come up with a more user friendly term) specifying who you
> want to be notified of your status (if they even care--they put you in their
> roster). Here's a simple proposal and example:
> [zip zip zip]
> However it's implemented, I think that rosters should be handled in a module.
> Since it is the server's resources that are being utilized, it should be a
> configurable option whether or not the administrator wishes to support server side
> rosters.

It's all already done and working this way.  Unfortunately there aren't
any clients to really show/test this funcitonality with yet, but the
server already does all of this exactly as described :)


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