[JDEV] CVS and stuff

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Wed Jan 20 02:13:44 CST 1999

First, sorry I haven't been in touch or coding much lately, it's been busy
and I'm waiting for my new system to arrive hopefully by this weekend,
I've also apparently just started the fight against carpel-tunnel(sp?) in
my left hand, no fun.

On CVS, I'm struggling with the server to try and convince it to do some
simple permissions so we don't have people stepping on each others
repositories by accident, as well as getting some sort of a CVS checking
log mailing list available... but it just isn't working and AFAICT CVS
doesn't ever log any errors whatsoever and the docs aren't all that

If there are any CVS wizzards out there or if you know anyone who runs a
CVS archive, any help is greatly appreciated!

On my plate as soon as I start coding regularly again is:
	Makefile cleanup(using some contrib'd Makefiles, THANK you!)
	Move perl scripts into own archive and create basics of a module
	Redo Jabber Transport module API as mentioned earlier
	Client Library & common command line client utils

Thanks all!


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