[JDEV] Request for Advise - Implementing servers (Jabber/web/ftp/etc)

Donovan Schulteis sculdheizo at mindless.com
Wed Jan 20 02:41:40 CST 1999

I am planning on implementing a web/ftp/whatever server soon (not a fast
one - cable modem and all).  I am fully willing [to attempt] to support
Jabber in full as soon as I get Linux configured on the system, the domain
name transfered there, and all that jazz (I still have to design the web
site, and I really don`t have much content as yet - any suggestions from
anyone are welcome, as well as possibly hosting others sites - remember the
slower cable modem access limits though).

I am not versed in setting up anything like this, but, alas, that is why I
am attempting it.  I have the hardware (dual Pentium sys with more than
enough HD/CD space), the software (Linux/Apache), the domain name, and the
cable modem, now all that I need is the know-how and the time (the two
hardest ones to pull!!!).  Any help/advise from anyone would be greatly

Anyways... What considerations should I make prior to setting up the entire
site (if required) for it to include a future Jabber server, and any other
info on how to implement one after the site is up (even if only as a test
site, for now)?

Anyone may contact me at sculdheizo at mindless.com to discuss any non-JDEV
related topics in depth (to avoid filling everyone`s mailboxes!).

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