[JDEV] Protocol.

Jason Diamond sendangels at usa.net
Thu Jan 21 01:37:21 CST 1999

Would it be possible to get a more detailed explanation of the protocol
online? I'd love to help if you need it.

What are all of the available <j type='something'></j> messages that can
be sent from the client to the server? What responses are possible for
each message? Is there always a response sent for each message? Maybe a
<j type='error'></j> for unrecognized types. What about end of lines?
>From my experimental tinkering with writing a Java client, it doesn't
look like the server sends any end of lines at all. That made it a lot
harder to collect a response and parse it. I've implemented both text
protocols like SMTP and POP3 in Java and binary ones like DNS. As much
more difficult as the binary based ones were to implement and debug, I
at least knew what to expect as responses.

Jason Diamond

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