Donovan Schulteis sculdheizo at mindless.com
Sat Jan 30 04:56:59 CST 1999

Thanks all, looks as though I'm still good then.

>I thought so too, but it appears as if I got your message..

>Not quite sure.. waiting for Jeremie to send us a big status update.. I
>received word that I should continue working on a mysql engine, as the
>former developer is a bit busy..

>Perhaps the main Jabber guy is experiencing his first
>burnout. If so, it's OK. All of us old guys have been there.

Well, if he is burnt out, it's understandably so.  I was beginning to wonder
how he could keep up with all of us, and get anything accomplished.  :)
Anywhoos, I've been quite busy as late myself, and that probably won't clear
up for another couple of months (work is moving to a new site, so it
promises to be long days for a long time!).  I haven't even gotten around to
working on my (web) site.  I'll wait for the status updates and then try to
get back into all of this as soon as I can.  Catch ya all around soon!

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