[JDEV] Protocol bits and discussion

Robert La Quey robertl1 at home.com
Wed Jun 2 14:46:36 CDT 1999

I have been lurking or some time following the 
development of JABBER with great interest. This 
is a great development. 

I will just jump in here with some general questions 
about XML design which have come up on another list.
JABBER provides a good example of the issues. I am not
quarelling with the approach Jeremie has taken but 
would like to understand the design issues better. 

At 11:47 AM 6/2/99 -0500, you wrote:
>There are some parts of the protocol that haven't been fully defined yet
>as to what their range of values might be.  I'll try to explain my
>intentions for them and we can discuss any variations/changes that need to
>happen.  I'll also post these to the site when ready.
>First, the login packet:
>	<user>test</user>
>	<pass>test</pass>
>	<nick>test user</nick>

An alternative would be 
<login user="test" pass="test" nick="test user" >

etc ... when and why does one use tags versus 
providing attributes to tags? 

Does it matter? 

>Now, the message packet:
>	<to nick='you'>someone</to>
>	<thread>sdfa</thread>
>	<priority>1</priority>
>	<subject>Did you see that?</subject>
>	<say>asdgf asdfkjasgoijqwert asdgaldgjkas</say>

<message session="you" thread="sdfa" priority="1" subject="Did you see that?">
	<say> hfj l J Fkf  hgkl;jasda</say>

etc. I think you get the question and can see the issues. 
the XML parser should not care. It will just as readily 
parse out attributes as tags ...

What are your thoughts? 

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