[JDEV] Jabber 0.6 and the oh so quiet mailing list...

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Tue Jun 15 12:13:58 CDT 1999

> Anyone running a publicly accessible Jabber server for me to test against?

There is one frequently running @jabber.org, let me know if you want a
specific username/password to test with.

> Failing that can anyone help me getting a server working. I tried to get it
> working on my Redhat Linux box but it keeps failing, even after I tweaked
> the config.x file. I keep getting:
> etherx "Unable to connect to Transport, exiting."

Hmm... are you sure that you have etherx running?  Etherx is a background
daemon that routes the XML data around, and also feeds the configuration
to the Jabber transport.

./etherx &
./jabbertransport &

That should fire everything up correctly if you have it installed
normally.  Run "./jabbertransport -D" for more debugging info if it still
isn't working.

It may be quiet on the list lately, but it's been busy in the background! 
The new server had a bad DIMM which took forever to determine(many
corrupted files and reinstalls later...).  The ICQ transport in CVS is
starting to shape up and work in a fairly usable way also... And I've
figured out how to add a Jabber client into Mozilla, but it depends on the
new networking library(necko/netwerk) landing in the next month.


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