[JDEV] Jabber 0.6 and the oh so quiet mailing list...

c. chris erway chris at vmware.com
Fri Jun 25 19:46:02 CDT 1999

Jeremie wrote:
> It may be quiet on the list lately, but it's been busy in the background!
> The new server had a bad DIMM which took forever to determine(many
> corrupted files and reinstalls later...).  The ICQ transport in CVS is
> starting to shape up and work in a fairly usable way also... And I've
> figured out how to add a Jabber client into Mozilla, but it depends on the
> new networking library(necko/netwerk) landing in the next month.
> Jer

(ears picking up) CVS?  i've also been a lurker for some time, but i
have been keeping up with the mailing list -- i simply didn't have the C
experience to dive in to the code.  my summer job at vmware has me
coding kernel modules now (talk about baptism by fire :>) and so what's
the CVS server/login?  i'd love to check out the current source tree, if
that's possible..


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