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Tue Mar 2 13:27:30 CST 1999

Hey there Jabber-folks ...

I have had a problem with my transport server crashing when a client is killed without cleanly disconnecting from the socket first ... i.e. I control-c the rug out from underneath the carpet of my client app, so it doesn't get to send its logout message & do a socket close.  The read() call in io.c fails and h_err() kills my transport.

A small little fix takes care of this for me ... so I thought I'd mail it in & see if it helped out anyone else as well.

diff io.c io.c.new
> #include <errno.h>
<                                               h_err(nbytes,"read");
>                                               if(errno != ECONNRESET)
>                                                       h_err(nbytes,"read");

This way if the connection was killed, then read() failing & returning -1 lets us "drop the connection" (and the user session) cleanly on our side.

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