[JDEV] New to project

Jeremie Miller jeremie at netins.net
Tue Mar 16 13:37:40 CST 1999

> Just wanted to say hello, introduce myself to the list, and ask a question
> :)


> I'm trying to build the latest 0.6 source (snap_921477600) on my Linux box
> (Red Hat 5.0) and the autoconf isn't processing the make files in the
> subdirectories correctly. I was wondering if this is a known problem and
> shouldn't bother spending anymore cycles trying to sort out what I did
> wrong.

Well, the 0.6 stuff is in MAJOR flux right now... It's getting closer to
release every day now, but it still has some major pieces to be hooked
back up.

As far as autoconf goes, I'm not having a problem but I don't know much
about it.  Nick put it in place and is gone on spring break this week, I'm
sure he'll be able to help figure out what's up when he gets back.



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