[JDEV] Win32 Client

Ryan Hayle hackel at visi.com
Tue Mar 16 14:29:35 CST 1999

I guess I never got added to the devel list a while back, so here I am
again..  I just wanted to say that I've done some very preliminary work on
a win32 client, and I hope to speed things up and get something to show in
a week or so (spring break).  Especially if I can get Visual Studio to run
under Virtual Platform (linux).  :)  Anyways, since it seems no one is
still working on this, I'll continue..  If anyone has comments,
suggestiomns, let me know, but I'm just giving it a basic ICQish look
right now.

On a side note, has any progress/work been done on the plugins for
ICQ/AIM/etc. networks?  I think that's how I remember things like that
working.  I'd be interested in that as well.

Hackel <hackel at visi.com>

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