[JDEV] New protocol specs?

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Mon Mar 22 00:12:16 CST 1999

> Is the new protocol documented anywhere?  I'll start digging through the
> sources to try and figure out how exactly it has changed but would prefer
> to just have that information :-)

It's not officially up on the site yet, but you can get a preview

After I bring the code up to date with the proposals(this week, almost
ready), I'm going to be seriously updating the docs and web site.

> btw, with snapshopt_921909600 I fail to compile the client, there seems to
> be missing a definition of "tag" structure.  This structure might have
> been part of the old parsing code.  Has the client not yet been updated to
> use expat?

Yes, the test client is still "old code".  I'll fix it as soon as I get
the transport working fully again.

Can you feel it?  We're getting REAL close now!!! :)


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