[JDEV] A question regarding scaling

Thomas Charron tcharron at nermail.ups.com
Tue Mar 23 14:34:38 CST 1999

	Well, here is how I envision this being able to happen..  Let's say I am
twolf at jabber.org.  jabber.org contains my password and personal information.
I then use my client to attach to jabber.tiac.net, as twolf at jabber.org.
jabber.tiac.net would contact jabber.org to validate my password, and tell
the server that twolf at jabber.org is connected on jabber.tiac.net, and to
forward messages there.

	This seems to be the best way to deal with this.  That way, I'm actually
registered on one server, but I can connect to anythat are part of the same
network.  This is where server<->server messages wouldcome into play, that
are listed as 'Work In Progress' on the protocol page.

	Another option would be to have the transport contact another server and
send it as a transport<->server message, but I think it would be better
personally to have the servers themselves contact each other.


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> I'm just wondering. Is the plan still to require the user to know what
> server another user is on to address them? (i.e. name at server)
> If so, I can think of a number of drawbacks to this, especially when it
> comes to scaling and wanting to be able to have a user connect to
> any server
> transparently for load balancing.
> Sorry if I'm being obtuse here, but I need to ask these questions as I'm
> evaluating including support for Jabber in our product.
> --
> Carl

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