[JDEV] Error messages (was: jabber.transport dropping connection..)

Jeremie Miller jeremie at netins.net
Thu Mar 25 14:36:18 CST 1999

> 	Actually, is the <something type='something'> context still valid using
> expat?  Aka, would this:
>   <message type='error'>
>   	<to>jeremie</to>
>   	<say>Your password did NOT match your user ID</say>
>       <ext>FailedValidation</ext>
>   </message>
> 	still be valid?  It IS valid XML, but I wasn't absolutly sure HOW 100%
> expat IS.  Looks to me like it can.  This way we can easily usethe message
> tag for all messages going to/from clients, but still be able to specify a
> message 'type'.  If no type is specified, we assume it's a normal message.
> Clients who do not intercept errors would merely pass this along as a
> message, but it would give the clients the ability to optionally catch
> different message 'types' themselves..

Yes, it is absolutely valid, and expat 100% a conforming well-formed XML

Offhand, it looks good, and I like it... it "fits the bill" quite nicely.
I'll play around tonight with the sources and if I don't hit a brick wall,
I'll just add this in.  That means that there will probably be a few
predefined types that the server supports/uses, and a range of
<ext>ErrorType</ext> types.  But, if a client doesn't support it, it will
pass through to the user nicely.

It also opens up future expandability, such as type='filesend' or
type='chainvite' that clients can optionally support.

Excellent idea, thanks!


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