[JDEV] Win client, File Transfers, invite tag..

Jeremie jer at jeremie.com
Fri Mar 26 20:34:36 CST 1999

> This brings up another question, how fast to send packets?  If they are
> sent as fast as possible, they could pile up at the server, which wouldn't
> be nice for the server.  But if you have replies being sent, you could
> time them to get an idea of how fast things are going through and pace the
> rate at which you send them.  But this adds complication.

As it is right now, with the way TCP/IP stacks work, much of the data will
be buffered until the server can deal with it or the client will wait
until the server catches up.

> Mabye replies and pacing should be an optional feature for advanced
> implemenations.

Yes, definately... threading on the server side will also help keep it up
to speed.


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