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Thomas Charron tcharron at nermail.ups.com
Mon Mar 29 13:51:09 CST 1999

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> The problem with the scheme you suggested for file transfers, as I
> understand it, is that you send your IP number to the other user.
> Disregarding privacy issues, this scheme will fail in at least two
> situations.  One is using a firewall and IP forwarding, or if you are
> using a proxy (kinda the same situation really I guess).  Actually come to
> think of it would only fail in the case where you were behind a firewall,

	Actually, I do something like this all the time thru a firewall..  Most
HTTP libs you'd use support going thu a firewall, so as long as you takeinto
consideration for this, it's not a problem.

> wouldn't it?  Anyway, another advantage of implementing file transfers as
> uuencoded messages is that it would be a REALLY easy way to implement it
> in the client.
> Another solution would be to implement both and see what works out best
> :-)

	Well, I actually PREFER the HTTP method, but I am still going to complete
the uudecode method as well.  The primary reason for this is a forsee this
as being a prefered way on encrypted file transition.  Using a PGP lib or
something to encrypt uuencoded data would be SO easy to implement it just
begs for me to finish it to be able to provide it.  HTTP transfer COULD
provide encryption as well, but I'm not going to provide SSL encryption in a
client at this point.

	Actually, we now se the benifits of the protocol.  Both of these CAN be
supported as we speak, without ANY changes to the servers and/or transports
as they sit now..

	I'm getting more and more addicted to the possibilities of XML for
communications every day..

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