[JDEV] common libs bug..

Thomas Charron tcharron at nermail.ups.com
Mon Mar 29 15:24:17 CST 1999

	Found a small bug in io.c of the lib directory.  Around line 54, there is
something like this:

while(c_count != NULL)
	if(FD_ISSET(c_count->id, &read_fd_set))

	Upon initial connection, c_count IS valid, but c_count-> is NOT.  Example
is in jabber.transport.  Start it up telnet to host port 5222, and type
<boo>.  jabber.transport reports the invalid XML header, and dies a
terribly.. ;-P

Thomas Charron
United Parcel Service
Northeast Region
"Moving at the speed of a T3 Trunk Line!"

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