[JDEV] move to glib before the code gets complicated?

Dave Smith dave at raystewart.com
Wed Mar 31 17:45:06 CST 1999

Considering glib....

To begin with, only use it if you're continually having to write your own
hash/list/scanner routines. Re-inventing the wheel is kinda pointless. :) As
for the ANSI conformance, I really don't think that's a *huge* issue. GLib
is pretty portable -- more so than most code I've run across. The real
question is, is it really needed? I'll be honest, I haven't really had a
chance to look at the code contained in Jabber (after this semester,
though... :))

If anyone can identify *specific* areas in the core Jabber distro that would
benefit from a generic, portable library implementation, then I say go for
it. Otherwise, take the "lazy" programmer approach and just use what you
need. :)

As my grandfather likes to say..."Opinions are like armpits; everyone has
them and they usually stink." :)


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