[JDEV] Contact Methods

Jeremie jer at jeremie.com
Sat May 1 10:11:42 CDT 1999

> we're REALLY close now.  the one problem i have with this diagram is the
> pager email address.  for all intents and purposes, a SMTP transort could
> be used for the 167289 at pagers.jabberhost.com (maybe masked as a Pager
> entry?), but still vital info regarding a person's pager is given away
> (straight email to that pager, etc).  if however, the number you are using
> here is itself an address for the transport to understand itself, nice.

As in my previous message, this is solved via the pager gateway being a
client session working on your behalf, the pager number would have been
provided when you set up the pager gateway, and is only stored in it's

> the gig is that if i have a pager, i don't want sally in san fran to know
> my pager number of ID.  i just want certain ppl to have access to it
> through jabber (authorize on add?) and others who i know won't abuse it to
> have the actual phone number.

Firstly, only people on your roster would be able to even see your pager
gateway and address a message to it.  The pager gateway could also provide
additional security and only accept messages from certian users or deny
certian users.

> this is interesting.. i originally thought it would be more elegant to
> have a Name directly linked to a jabber ID (or not linked to one at all if
> that person didn't have a jabber account). 

Well, the "name" would be the nickname on that session/account, and the
Jabber ID would be the unique central identifier for that account.

> if Joe Doe doesn't have a jabber address, but only a ICQ number we add him
> with primary address being his ICQ number at ICQ.  when he does finally get a
> jabber address (cos he's heard so much about jabber ;) then the server
> automagically switches the primary address for this user (or does this
> happen as one of the user's prefs?).

No automation would happen here... somehow he'd have to tell you that he's
on Jabber or send you a message via Jabber.  All the ICQ stuff would still
work just fine though and you'd probably never know the change happened.
But, after you add him as a Jabber user, all communication should/would
happen via that :)

I don't want to and am not trying to knock down anyone's ideas, it's just
that I believe we already have all of the solutions here... it's just a
large enough project that it's hard to see that the solutions are already
there or where they are... actually, it's damn hard to see them if they
are not documented anywhere(as this isn't), *grin*


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