[JDEV] Scaling

Corbett J. Klempay cklempay at chimera.acm.jhu.edu
Sun May 2 00:14:27 CDT 1999

Do we have any kind of goals for what kind of client load we want the
servers to be able to scale up to?  I'm wondering right now as I am doing
a function in mod_digsig to generate a new key pair to be issued to a
client (this is done one time; this basically gives them their
public/private keypair they use from then on).  The default is 1024 bit
(pretty sure; it's in the documentation somewhere...I seem to remember
that's what the ElGamal default is) and takes anywhere from 2-9 seconds
(rough measurement of me putting printf's before and after and counting
out loud :), totally varying on the nature of what the key's components
ended up being.  This is on a PPro 200.  Sure, issuing an initial key pair
doesn't happen very much _per client_ (like just 1 time, basically), but
if your servers are as heavily loaded as, say, icq.mirabilis.com, it might
be an issue.  Also, I have yet to measure the time it takes to verify a
signature, as a verification will happen at secure logins. (which will be
a much more frequent occurence than key pair generation)

Also, as far as legality, does anyone know how this works...with cryptlib
being developed offshore (New Zealand)...so I have it on my machine
now...is it illegal for me to give this code to someone who is offshore
(even though it was developed offshore as well)? (in other words, do I
have to restrict access to this code, or is it wide open?)

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