[JDEV] *Real* element.h usage doc

Jeremie jer at jeremie.com
Sun May 2 15:09:10 CDT 1999

> Yeah, that's correct. The W3C DOM (and ours,soon) handles this by
> merging adjacent CDATA sections, on CDATA insertion into the DOM tree.
> Really, the element.h is just the basic storage and manipulation
> routines for dealing with elements. I'll probably move the
> element_get_child_cdata (and adjacent CDATA merging) to a higher level
> of abstraction since it's not really a basic manipulation. 

I was going to do that(merge CDATA together during parsing)... actually, I
don't know why I didn't, lazy I guess :)

> Hopefully tonight I'll be able to start writing the next layer that
> will integrate expat for packet level parsing... :)

That should be easy stuff... take a look at the xpt Expat handlers, yours
will be almost identical.  The only funky thing I'm doing is the two-teir
parsing via xptpool, where you are "packetizing" the branch of tags under
the root tag.  Let me know if you have any ?s, I'll be busy on other
things for a while yet, but will be happy to help after 0.6...

> I also want to try out the latest stuff you've committed. Sounds great.
> :)

After the last batch of checkins I just did, the only major stuff I have
to really look at seriously and hook up are status-related issues.  Then
I'll be updating the little CLI test client and go into major testing


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