[JDEV] Some jibberish...er...jabberish philosophy.. :)

Jeremie jer at jeremie.com
Sun May 2 23:37:34 CDT 1999

> XMLstream(s)...
> If you consider the nature of Jabber, it can really be summed up as the
> exchange and translation of XML streams between mediums (and, of course,
> *as* a medium). It doesn't really matter if it originates from disk I/O,
> network I/O, database...you get the picture. It can all be summarized as
> a stream of XML data. So then, a XMLstream would be a data structure
> that contains all the methods necessary for taking a stream of XML data
> and reconsituting into a data structure, and then if necessary, back to
> a XML stream. It would contain the expat parser, a packet stack for
> keeping track of packet's being assembled, and a packet queue for
> keeping complete packets in. Additionally, it could maintain a series of
> function pointers to callback functions so that when packets are ready,
> the user/lib is notified and can proceed accordingly. Overall, the
> XMLstream would be independent of where the data is coming from, it
> would only be interested in getting the data.

Hmm... sounds very much like xpt_pool, just lots cooler :)

Really, all we need is something that can accept incoming strings in bits
and peices, and a way of checking for any "packets" waiting to be
extracted.  The xpt_pool struct handles this now for files and network
streams, but could definately use a bit more abstraction as you mention
above :)

> Okay..brain is dead. More later. I gotta get up at 06.00 tommorow.
> blech. 

Ditto... *sigh*


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