[JDEV] Some jibberish...er...jabberish philosophy.. :)

Jeremie Miller jeremie at netins.net
Mon May 3 07:40:38 CDT 1999

> I think I oughta make a little note here. I realize alot of the stuff I
> throw out as "my ideas" really are just extensions of what's already
> out there. I'm not under *any* illusions of grandeur that I'm cooking
> up this stuff completely originally. Most of the time, I'm just looking
> at what you've already done and abstracting/amalagating it into a more
> cohesive concept...

It definately needs it, so feel free to abstract away! :)

> It's easy to come up with "cool" ideas when you've got awesome raw
> material to work with. :)


> Just a little credit, where credit is due.:)

Then, I also must give credit to:

Rob Zombie(playing now)
Crystal Method
Shoutcast(et al)
Massive Attack



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