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Thomas Charron tcharron at nermail.ups.com
Mon May 3 10:03:42 CDT 1999

> From: owner-jdev at jabber.org On Behalf Of Chase Phillips
> Subject: RE: [JDEV] Contact Methods
> >      +---------------------------------------+
> >      | Contact List                          |
> >      |  + Jane Doe (Jane Doe at jabberhost.com) |
> >      |  - Joe Blow (IWuvJer at aol.com)         |
> >      |     `- 167289 at pagers.jabberhost.com   |
> >      |  - Ant C. Eater (234567 at pagers.jabber>|
> >      +---------------------------------------+
> we're REALLY close now.  the one problem i have with this diagram is the
> pager email address.  for all intents and purposes, a SMTP transort could
> be used for the 167289 at pagers.jabberhost.com (maybe masked as a Pager
> entry?), but still vital info regarding a person's pager is given away
> (straight email to that pager, etc).  if however, the number you are using
> here is itself an address for the transport to understand itself, nice.
> the gig is that if i have a pager, i don't want sally in san fran to know
> my pager number of ID.  i just want certain ppl to have access to it
> through jabber (authorize on add?) and others who i know won't abuse it to
> have the actual phone number.

	That could be done, however, I'mnot really seeing the point to limiting it.
Once I have your pager number, I can page you3 different ways anyway..
(Shrug)  User preference I guess.

	And actually, my old pager number is 167289, and the transport is at
pagers.jabberhost.com.. The transport would know how to page that pager

	I'd say to take care of people getting yourID, we could make it so that
alternate addy's have 'permisions' that are protected somehow.  That way you
could even give your home humber for some'authorized' people..
> >
> > 	In this diagram, I have the 'Primary address' next to their
> names,and
> > alternate addy's under..  Notice Joe Blow.  I know I can contact him via
> > AOL,or his pager.  In this case, I DO care HOW ELSE I can reach
> him.  I may
> > not care about what transports Joe Doe uses, but if he tells me
> he can also
> > be XSexyHoeX at icq.wuvviedovie.com, I want to be able to add that as an
> > 'alternate' address, and not have it as another primary address.  This
> > appears to be what your saying, but the initial question (At
> least it's what
> > I want to know) is how will the status messages to SHOW this
> roster look?
> this is interesting.. i originally thought it would be more elegant to
> have a Name directly linked to a jabber ID (or not linked to one at all if
> that person didn't have a jabber account).  but now, after thinking about
> a person only having one contact transport the idea of a Primary address
> and then multiple Secondary addresses becomes clearer.
> if Joe Doe doesn't have a jabber address, but only a ICQ number we add him
> with primary address being his ICQ number at ICQ.  when he does finally get a
> jabber address (cos he's heard so much about jabber ;) then the server
> automagically switches the primary address for this user (or does this
> happen as one of the user's prefs?).
> > [snip]
> >
> > 	or this:
> >
> >   <roster>
> >     <group name="main">jenny</group>
> >     <group name="main">545212 at ICQ<ext><Alternate
> > number=1/>jenny</ext></group>
> >     <group name="friends">user at jabber.server.com</group>
> >     <group name="system">olduser</group>
> >   </roster>
> >
> this looks good, but the "number" section does what exactly?  if it
> specifies the priority of which method of contact to use first, and the
> client enforces it, perhaps there's a better way.
> otherwise, if it is something the user sets when maneuvering people around
> his/her roster, nice.  this would keep the order based on What You Want It
> To Be.
> >
> > 	Actually, while we're on the topic, is there a way in the
> status messages
> > to give 'em a person use name.  Aka, perhaps I want my brother in law,
> > XNateReadX at aol.com simply as 'Nate' in my contact list.  How is
> that done
> > via the current status system?  Kind of like above, how is 'Joe
> Doe' passed
> > as a name?(As you can tell, the status box in the current Win32 client
> > bites..  Working on it this weekend..)
> >
> could there be an emergence of a <entry> tag with extensions being
> Pager="" ICQ="" etc etc:
>  <group>Main</group>
>  <entry j="Joe Doe at jabberhost.com" pager="JoeDoe.pager at jabberhost.com">\
>  Joe Doe</entry>
>  </group>
> or is this inefficient/not needed/too late in the game?  i'm sure the
> current spec will function wonderfully if so.
> regards,
> Chase Phillips
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>   shepard at ameth.org ][ Only you will know
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