[JDEV] Contact Methods

Thomas Charron tcharron at nermail.ups.com
Mon May 3 10:03:49 CDT 1999

	(OOpsie didn't respond to everything.. ;-P)
> From: owner-jdev at jabber.org On Behalf Of Chase Phillips
> Subject: RE: [JDEV] Contact Methods
> >      +---------------------------------------+
> >      | Contact List                          |
> >      |  + Jane Doe (Jane Doe at jabberhost.com) |
> >      |  - Joe Blow (IWuvJer at aol.com)         |
> >      |     `- 167289 at pagers.jabberhost.com   |
> >      |  - Ant C. Eater (234567 at pagers.jabber>|
> >      +---------------------------------------+
> > 	In this diagram, I have the 'Primary address' next to their
> names,and
> > alternate addy's under..  Notice Joe Blow.  I know I can contact him via
> > AOL,or his pager.  In this case, I DO care HOW ELSE I can reach
> him.  I may
> > not care about what transports Joe Doe uses, but if he tells me
> he can also
> > be XSexyHoeX at icq.wuvviedovie.com, I want to be able to add that as an
> > 'alternate' address, and not have it as another primary address.  This
> > appears to be what your saying, but the initial question (At
> least it's what
> > I want to know) is how will the status messages to SHOW this
> roster look?
> this is interesting.. i originally thought it would be more elegant to
> have a Name directly linked to a jabber ID (or not linked to one at all if
> that person didn't have a jabber account).  but now, after thinking about
> a person only having one contact transport the idea of a Primary address
> and then multiple Secondary addresses becomes clearer.

	Your seeing whatI'm getting at.  I guess I look at things 'people centric',
and would like to see them the same way I see things in my little flip book.
Person, Primary contact, and a buncha scribbe notes of alternate contacts
and the such..

> if Joe Doe doesn't have a jabber address, but only a ICQ number we add him
> with primary address being his ICQ number at ICQ.  when he does finally get a
> jabber address (cos he's heard so much about jabber ;) then the server
> automagically switches the primary address for this user (or does this
> happen as one of the user's prefs?).

	I'd say user pref.  but that's just my opinion.  He may get a jabber ID,
but then he decides he friggen hates jabber.  All of the sudden he's never
at his primary ID.. ;-P

> >   <roster>
> >     <group name="main">jenny</group>
> >     <group name="main">545212 at ICQ<ext><Alternate
> > number=1/>jenny</ext></group>
> >     <group name="friends">user at jabber.server.com</group>
> >     <group name="system">olduser</group>
> >   </roster>
> this looks good, but the "number" section does what exactly?  if it
> specifies the priority of which method of contact to use first, and the
> client enforces it, perhaps there's a better way.

	Just a way for a 'priority' of sorts to the contact addy's.  Not required,
just threw it in there as I was typing..

> otherwise, if it is something the user sets when maneuvering people around
> his/her roster, nice.  this would keep the order based on What You Want It
> To Be.

	Actually, it could be used like that..  It would STILL be a 'priority' bit
of sorts, but user configurable..  It'd have to change a bit, but that's a
great idea..

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